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What’s Your Story is brought to you by Scottish Book trust and our squad of teen writers and illustrators. See who’s taking part this year below, or see our 2016/17 participants.

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Squad 2017/8

Year Three of What’s Your Story? is being guided by this team of four writers, two illustrators and one storyteller. They’ve been doing excellent work creating and hosting StoryCon 2018 and developing their own creative work for their showcase.

Photo of Ailsa


Age: 14
Location: Aberdeenshire

Speciality: Storytelling

Photo of Amelia


Age: 15
Location: Edinburgh

Speciality: Poetry

Photo of Anna


Age: 17
Location: Edinburgh

Speciality: Novels

Photo of Elspeth


Age: 15
Location: East Lothian

Speciality: Illustration

Photo of Evan


Age: 16
Location: South Ayrshire

Speciality: Comics

Photo of Holly


Age: 16
Location: East Renfrewshire

Speciality: Novels

Photo of Laura


Age: 15
Location: Edinburgh

Speciality: Short Stories (Gaelic)

Mentors 2017/8

The What's Your Story? mentors provide in-depth creative support to the seven members of the squad. Our mentors are creative professionals from a range of disciplines, including writing, poetry and illustration.

Photo of Lari Don

Lari Don

Author and storyteller

Photo of Tom Humberstone

Tom Humberstone

Comic artist and illustrator

Photo of Laura Lam

Laura Lam

Writer of novels, short fiction and essays

Photo of Alison Lang

Alison Lang

Writer of fiction and drama in Gaelic and English

Photo of Jenny Lindsay

Jenny Lindsay

Spoken word poet and performer

Photo of Jem Milton

Jem Milton

Comic artist and illustrator

Editorial Board 2017/8


Photo of Nicole Brandon

Nicole Brandon

Nicole takes care of Scottish Book Trust’s teenage writer & illustrator development programme (AKA ‘What’s Your Story?’), and has a masters degree in Creative Writing. She helps everyone come together and work as a team, and makes sure your creative work is well looked after.