Who’s Who?

What’s Your Story is brought to you by Scottish Book trust and our StoryBoard of teen writers and illustrators. See who’s taking part this year below.

Squad StoryBoard 2020

Meet the six passionate and creative young people working with us on the What's Your Story? StoryBoard for 2020.

Photo of Courtney Andrea Loch

Courtney Andrea Loch

Age: 16
Location: Glasgow

Speciality: Graphic novels, comics and illustrations

Courtney plans to create to create a comic book about everyday heroes, featuring  themes like bullying, protecting others and self-discovery. She believes that pictures can show the mood and atmosphere of the story rather than using words.

Photo of Iona Morrison

Iona Morrison

Age: 17
Location: Largs

Speciality: Playwrighting

Iona plans to create a full length play and is interested in writing relatable and diverse characters. Favourite topics include love, adversity, time travel, history and crime. Iona is passionate about scriptwriting and loves the limitations in writing for the stage.


Photo of Juan Diego Ipince

Juan Diego Ipince

Age: 14
Location: East Ayrshire

Speciality: Short stories

Juan plans on writing short stories that create empathy for the protagonist. He is interested in writing about main characters who are ostracized and left with no allies and enjoys creating stories where the characters have to succeed with no help.

Photo of Niamh Weir

Niamh Weir

Age: 16
Location: Edinburgh

Speciality: Short stories

Niamh likes to write short stories as their concise form allows her to explore limitless possibilities in a fast paced and flexible way. She feels that, ultimately, they help her to both arrive at a better understanding of the world and as a form of escape from it.

Photo of Rebecca Capaldi

Rebecca Capaldi

Age: 16
Location: Fife

Speciality: Short stories and poetry

Rebecca plans to create a short story and tackle her first piece of more than 1,000 words. She is looking forward to receiving guidance from professionals and learning more about different aspects of writing.

Photo of Seyedeh Paniz Nazari

Seyedeh Paniz Nazari

Age: 14
Location: Glasgow

Speciality: Novels

Seyedah plans to create a novel which will hopefully make the readers feel incomprehensible emotions and inspire them to question and explore what we know of our mysterious world. She is determined that her work will get people thinking.



Mentors StoryBoard 2020

The young writers and illustrators on our StoryBoard are paired up with professionals. These are the fabulous mentors working with our teens this year.

Photo of Catherine Simpson

Catherine Simpson

Catherine Simpson is a novelist and memoir writer. Her memoir When I Had a Little Sister, about the death by suicide of my sister, was published in 2019 by 4th Estate and my novel Truestory, inspired by my experiences raising my autistic daughter, was published in 2015 by Sandstone Press.

Photo of Martin Stewart

Martin Stewart

As a former English teacher, Martin is extremely keen to promote the pursuit of creative ambition, and loves visiting schools all over the country to encourage young writers in their work. He is the author of two novels, The Sacrifice Box and Riverkeep, available now.

Photo of Julie Bertagna

Julie Bertagna

Julie’s books for children and young adults have been published around the world, adapted for TV and radio, and shortlisted for major book prizes, with five novels nominated for the Carnegie Prize. Multi award-winner Exodus is an eco-epic trilogy in a future ravaged by the climate crisis.

Photo of Lewis Hetherington

Lewis Hetherington

Lewis is an award-winning playwright and performance maker. His work is rooted in collaboration and storytelling. He is the 2019 IASH Creative Fellow for the University of Edinburgh and the Traverse Theatre. His work is about human beings working together in the same space to make sense of a story, it’s the perfect preparation for mentoring!

Photo of Ver


Ver is a freelance illustrator and comic artist from Eastern Europe, currently residing and working in Scotland. The Scottish arts and comics community welcomed them with open arms, and has been a source of many friendships and incredible support. It is important to pay such kindness forward, and they are eager to lend a helping hand or watchful eye over any young artist – after all, they are the future of our humble community.

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