What is Love?

Lauren Pott


Was there really a way to describe it? The tight feeling in your chest when you see that certain someone? The electricity that zips down your spine from even the smallest touches? True love at first sight? Some believed in it. Others didn’t.

Jessica? She’d never been sure. Of course there had been times where she’d spotted a guy, or even another girl from across a bar and she could barely breathe, heart pounding in her ears. But she wouldn’t call that love.

She couldn’t even say for certain she’s ever been in love. She’d dated both guys and girls but no one had ever given her the feeling that she should have gotten, according to books and media. It worried her really. Her mum and dad always talked about how they met. They’d been put together to work on a joint assignment. They’d finished that assignment with A’s and a date planned for the following weekend. It was love at first sight according to her mother, but Jessica was doubtful, after all; who could go an entire half a school year without noticing someone in the same class. And yet her parents were happy, they prided themselves on never having a fight, the perfect couple.

Jessica’s best friend Louise was an entirely different story. Louise had formally met her now fiancé at 10 am on a Sunday morning, after finding herself wrapped in the arms of a man she didn’t know. It turns out Louise had got drunk the Saturday night and gone home with a guy called Jack, who was equally drunk. For some reason that escaped Jessica, the two had kept in contact after the supposed one night stand and ended up dating not long after and even moved in together. The two fought like cat and dog, getting into screaming matches over the smallest things, like who moves the TV remote, or ate the last chocolate bar. They drove the neighbours crazy. But despite all that they’d stuck together, recently getting engaged. They still argued like crazy, yet they were happy.

Jessica liked to compare their relationship to her parents but it only confused her more. Their dynamics were totally different. Louise and Jack rarely agreed on anything, but they were still truly happy together and in love. Her parents mixed perfectly, they were practically the same people and they were truly happy and in love.

It wasn’t until she met Zoe did Jessica truly understand. There was no immediate attraction between the two. Jessica got a part time job at a coffee shop during college and Zoe was one of the baristas there. The two got on like a house on fire, already laughing at inside jokes the day they met. It wasn’t long before they were best friends. It’s a little cliché really when she thinks back on it, but it was simply a case of their feelings for each other changing over time. Zoe had come over to her apartment one day and was bugging Jessica while she was trying to revise for an exam, then out of nowhere Zoe had kissed her. And Jessica had kissed back.

From where Jessica was sat now, curled up next to Zoe on the sofa, she realised something. Love wasn’t a defined feeling. There was no set guide telling people who they’d love and how they’d feel. But that doesn’t mean the feeling was any less wonderful for anyone.

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