What I wish could be

Ruth MacIntosh

I dream that one day,

I wake up in a place,

Where waking is no struggle,

And life is not a race.


Where people live in peace,

Freedom is society.

But not without challenge,

And certainly variety.


When everyone is valued,

It should be understood,

Normality and equality,

Be the same it should.


It should matter so,

What people will say,

But they wouldn’t have to worry,

No-one’d be mean anyway.


The cars could be flying,

And our brains completely wired,

But as long as the world is clean,

None of it do I desire.


Decisions we could freely make,

That were our own choices.

Things that we’d say and think,

Would be from our own voices.


Although this is what I imagine,

Who know what on earth will happen.


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I’ll write if I ever get round to it (I wouldn’t count on it though)...