the conversation we avoid

Adam Ferguson

I sit alone and just wonder what I consider important

Initially friends, but realise family is reinforcement

An unspoken bond of love and hate

Twist to form our every fate

I should have been there, like the start

And yet I forced us all apart

My actions break our mother’s heart

I don’t know what I’ve become

The weakened strength while your fallacious analogy


Truth to the soul while my heart relapses

All is over

A brain more contorted than Kazakova

Darkness a curse to which we succumb

Drugs filled my brain till my heart was numb

Broken, collapsed, I feel but dumb

For I have seen through the burning sun

While my whisky, pours tears do drain

Till is all heard through the patter of rain

Ive seen strong crumble to dust

And weak feel mighty,

through power of lust

Gods amongst men do fall in the snow

While children among us gear to grow

Now family and friends I grieve

If I’m right, you weren’t wrong.

{ Adam Ferguson } Bio

Born and raised in Scotland by a loving family where I was taught right and wrong and an appreciation for the great outdoors. Fields and rivers were my playground as a boy, always exploring, intrigued by the strange. Mischief and mayhem have often followed me and the naive boyhood foolery was unfortunately replaced by an ungrateful, rebellious teen. Looking back I see many mistakes but I’m thankful I’ve corrected myself, writing has often been a coping mechanism for me and I enjoy seeing my words have impact on others.