Imagine a world where you could be who you wanted,

Where you could do as you pleased, except hurt people.

Imagine a time where you could stand up and say,

I’m me and that’s who I want to be. Not anyone else. Just me.

Wouldn’t that be something good, something nice.


Imagine a world where when you looked at the news you wouldn’t feel so sad.

You wouldn’t feel like there’s no hope, no future for you.

Imagine a time not so far in the future, where you could see hope and love all around.

And never question it or feel the dread of something coming,

Of the world changing, of feeling anger at the generations before.


Imagine a night where all there is in the sky is stars.

Lots of stars no pollution blocking them and no planes flashing.

Imagine a day in the summer which doesn’t break records of heat,

Or records of extreme weather which reminds you of dark night coming.

Of the change that’s undergoing which though you try you feel powerless to stop.


Imagine a world where people were just nice, where they had respect for one another,

And everytime that someone was hurt there would be people who loved them.

Imagine a place where if you felt alone someone would be with you.

Someone would help you through they would look out for you.

They would see you the real you and they would know what to do when you were sad.

{ Kate } Bio

Kate is a avid reader and loves to write stories and poems. In her spare time she enjoys photography and knitting.Last year one of her poems called "cherish" was published in her school magazine.