As I watch from the cafe window

Daisy Hutton

Teapot fractures, porcelain lips to his, black liquid spills,

Sea bream eyes, drag him back to shore, glass, a knife poised between my lovers gaze,

She, the bewitcher, wild and fanatical, scorches her name on my lovers heart,

He, who delicately kisses me goodnight, is away with another, torn up in flight to another,

Like a restless bird yearning to be free, he collapses like a lost child into her arms, oh why not me,

Is it the ring binding me to him, the prison which one feels an eternity trapped,

Suffocating and cyclical, a spinning wheel under a spell,

Oh the marriage cell, one that captures beauty and hope in its early life,

But after ten years, it falls upon the knife

Oh what a curse to discover, he is in love with another.



{ Daisy Hutton } Bio

I enjoy writing and drawing and hope one day I can illustrate my own books.