I love you


She could hear her dad scraping his pen across his desk and her little brother playing with his toy cars making a noise for the horn and a “vroom” as the ‘engine’ started. She moved her dark hazel eyes over to her desk and gazed at it for a couple of seconds before heaving herself over. The desk had a garden pole as one leg and an upside down box for a seat. Her phone pinged but she ignored it; she had learned to do that; to save herself reading some make-believe news story.

The doorbell went, knowing that no one else would get it she plodded down the stairs and answered it to find a woman (probably in her forties and) just staring at her. They stared at each other for what she thought was at least 5 minutes and then confused she asked “is there anything I can do for you?” to find a reply of a silence that made her shiver. She started to close the door thinking that it was probably some joke, when the woman almost in panicked voice said “wait!” She started opening the door again and the woman carried on, “I know you don’t know me but you need to listen, tell your dad I was here and I cannot tell you how sorry I am, I was so overwhelmed” then the woman quickly scurried off up the road to leave a set of eyes staring at where the woman originally was.

Going through what just happened in her head (the rest of the world completely detached from her as she bumped into the kitchen counter and collapsed onto the sofa) puzzled and baffled her began to wonder if she should bother telling her dad. She decided against it and begin to make her way back to her room.

Her room stank of deodorant and a thick layer of dust coated the wooden drawers. The broken floorboards meant you had to wear socks so the lose nails didn’t poke your feet. The bed, covered in Disney stickers from when she was younger was at the back of the room opposite the window meaning when she woke up she had a beam of light on her face.

Breathing heavily she dumped herself onto her bed not knowing what to make of the event.

The next day she woke up remembering what happened but thinking no more of it, had her breakfast and walked to school. When she arrived she saw Tamara waiting for her at the lockers. Tamara was a very good friend and had known each other since high school, she was the kind of person that was so loud that you could hear their voice even when they are not there. She told her what had happened but Tamara was not greatly interested in what she was saying so suggested that they made their way to class. When they entered the lady who had come to her door the previous night sat at the teacher’s desk and gave her a smile as she walked in. A mixture of emotions crowded her in her thoughts but she kept heading to her seat. Their class teacher (Miss Thistebrown) stood facing the class and began talking as they sat down in their seat at the back of the room facing the window (where they often spent double maths dreaming out of). “Today I have I meeting and Mrs Clark has very kindly offered to take you classes today” she continued, “could everyone please say good morning?” Her eyes glared at Mrs Clark and was just thinking over what had happened. A mixture of anger that she had just came into her life confused her and it had crossed her mind if the woman was planning something and needed more information before she took action. She never wondered if it was someone she had loved so much.

At break she decided that she would go into the class room earlier to talk to her and ask her what she meant. She ran up the stairs and knocked three times at the door. She opened it as a voice called “come in”. Mrs Clark was sitting on a chair behind the desk facing down at couple of jotters that she was marking. She was wearing a blue flowy t-shirt with a pair of jeans. I silver necklace was sitting neatly on her chest and a few single bangles clumped together near her hand as she bent over to write something.

“Hi, sorry to disturb you” she started to be interrupted by the words,

“No bother, how is your day going sweetie?”

Completely confused I replied, “Sorry, do I know you?”

“Don’t be silly! Of course you know me…”

Her eyes looked at me and they began to water. Watery tears that started from a blink and rolled down to her neck. Her eyes looked sad and worried, she looked like she burst into tears any moment.

Then I began to cry. I began to take in deep breaths just to use all the air on tears that flooded and whimpers of a lost cat. I hugged her, I put my arms around her and said “I love you.”

5 years ago…

“It is ok honey don’t worry they will find her soon” my dad’s arm was around me and yet I felt cold and empty inside.

“But mum hasn’t been back for 5 days now” my eyes swelled up and tears trickled down my face.

“I’m sure she is fine, let’s just get some sleep now”

I didn’t sleep I knew dad was worried and I was too. From that moment in my head she was gone.

But I never thought that someone I loved so much would come back into my life.

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"I love to read stories with a bit of mystery, one of my favourite books which I strongly recommend is Flawed by Cecelia Sheen. Hope you enjoy my story"