Every Piece of Me

Gurpreet Kaur

It’s you, in the mirror

Your eyes, your hair.

It’s you, guiding me through

The darkness of my ignorance.


It’s you, the loving nightmare,

Keeping me on solid ground.

It’s you, laughing at every mistake

Only to help me reach every star.


It’s you, my strongest foundation

Gone forever more, but always there.

It’s you, who share’s my stage

Just to steal the limelight.


It’s you, the hand to take

After each step, skip and fall.

It’s you, the other end of

My troubles and tales


It’s you, cursing me in a smile

Waiting in the shadows of my past.

It’s you, breaking my trust

With each misjudged encounter


It’s you, teaching me the beauty of

Aftermath, watchful as the wounds heal.

It’s you, passing in a flow of wind

Leaving little messages buried in sand


It’s every piece of you, in every piece of me

Letting my heart bleed, until it beats true.

{ Gurpreet Kaur } Bio

I have been an avid reader since the age of 10 and began writing poetry and short stories in high school. Since then I, amazingly, have had my work published in a few anthologies. I always try to enjoy the company of every person I meet and add my own colour to their picture. I would love to travel and see some of the monuments commemorating the soldiers of The Great War. All in all, I pride myself in being purely human - and just a little bit of stardust!