Pippa stares deeply into the painting. It was her favourite. Vivid, bright colours bursting like fireworks. Red, green, purple, yellow, pink, blue, orange. A couple staring into each other’s eyes, hearts – souls. They are the same person almost, connected by an invisible string. Inseparable. Pippa longed for that, she longed for love.

They say that your whole life is black and white until you meet the one. Your true love. Then all of a sudden you see the most beautiful colours imaginable and your life suddenly explodes into colour, into life.

Working at the museum was a dream come true for Pippa, forever she had appreciated art. Although she claims she can’t paint or draw herself she has a passion for artists work and not just looking at a painting but really looking at it. That was what Pippa was good at.

While looking at a painting she noticed a stranger, she doesn’t know why, he stood out from the others in the room. He wasn’t anything special but there was something peculiar about him, it reminded Pippa of when she sees a painting that catches her attention. He was handsome. Smart. Good-looking. She had gazed off looking at her favourite painting again, seeing herself in it with-

“Hey, do you work here?”

Pippa froze. She tried to form words but her throat had clenched up.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to frighten you.”

Pippa’s face flushed red, and she gave an embarrassed laugh in response.

“Yes, sorry. I mean it’s ok. I do work here.”

“Ok, I was just wondering if you could tell me about that painting over there?”

He laughed nervously and pointed to Pippa’s painting, her favourite.

“O-of course!” She had told others about her thoughts on the painting but this was the first time she had ever been excited about it. She liked keeping thoughts to herself.

He studied the painting while Pippa explained the artist, who was a huge romantic, then went on to what she interprets from it.

“- and do you see how he has made it seem like the couple are-”


“Y-yes, exactly what I was going to say.”

Pippa looked at him, she had never met someone so extraordinary. Her heart was racing, as he turned to look back at her.

“Thank-you.” he said, with a genuine friendly smile.

In that moment everything seemed to change for Pippa.

They stood there just staring into each other’s eyes, hearts – souls.

“Do you want to go grab some lunch? If, if it’s possible?” he asked.

“Sure, yes let’s go! I can buy since I get staff discount.” He laughed at that, but insisted it would be ‘ungentlemanly’ of him not to. Pippa secretly cringed to herself, she was just embarrassing herself she couldn’t imagine what he must be thinking of her!

They really got to know each other. He was just as passionate as Pippa of art, he explained his love of colour and how the painting Pippa loves caught his attention as there was so many colours it was like it was painted with a ‘colour bomb’.  Pippa loved that, a bomb that blows up in colour. Every word he said Pippa was enchanted with, his way with words were spells on Pippa, and she could listen to him all day.

He suggested they should see each other again. Of course Pippa agreed, laughing nervously but excitedly to see him again.

Pippa was left with a kiss goodbye on the cheek and a new number on her phone. She couldn’t even try to stop blushing. She was filled with happiness, overflowing with joy. She just wanted to scream, jump and cry out of sheer excitement but she contained herself. She was just able to contain herself.

Pippa was in the clouds, she felt as light as a feather. Her heart fluttered. Was this love? Was this what all the romance novels, films and TV shows were talking about? This feeling of utter weightlessness and pure, genuine happiness and peace.

Suddenly Pippa felt different. She was not the same Pippa she was this morning, what was that Pippa like? She could not even remember! It was easy for Pippa to be patient, but in this case she couldn’t wait to see him again.


“Hi!” Pippa said restraining herself to come across as too excited.

“How are you?”

“I’m alright yeah, you?” he said with a smile.

“Yeah, yeah I’m good.”

They talked more and more, found out more and more about one another. It turns out he made Pippa laugh more than she ever knew she could laugh.

“Wait so you-” she burst out laughing again, wiping a tear away.

“It was not funny, I am telling you now!”

“I-I can’t, hang on, oh my-”

Pippa never knew she could be so happy with someone. He made her feel beautiful and loved.

“You look gorgeous tonight.”

“Oh thank-you.” she said blushing.

“No, really, you look beautiful.”

She saw how thoughtful he was and how he saw things differently, a new perspective which was Pippa’s favourite thing about him.

“I totally agree!” she exclaimed.

“Right? I mean, being honest, what is ‘normal’? Like is there a rule book somewhere? It’s like ‘Be yourself… to a certain extent.’”

“It’s like, I might want to just do interpretive dance of like, a tree. Don’t laugh! And people are like, that’s weird. And it’s like, well no I am being myself aren’t I?”

“Sure, that’s an example.”

“Oh shut up!” she said playfully.

There was no doubt about it, Pippa had found him. Pippa had found the one.

Walking through the park they stopped. The beautiful, starry sky with the full moon lit up the shiny, damp Autumn leaves on the dark trees.

They stood, just like before, staring into each other’s eyes, hearts – souls. This time though, he leaned in. This was it. This was the moment.

She leaned in and their lips met.

In that moment her world blew up, colours of all kind. What was dull suddenly came to life. Like a colour bomb.

Orange, red, silver, blue, green, purple, pink, yellow, turquoise, cyan, gold.

They say that your whole life is black and white until you meet the one. Your true love. Then all of a sudden you see the most beautiful colours imaginable and your life suddenly explodes into colour, into life.

“Oh my God!” Pippa exclaimed, watching the magic around her.


“The colours! Can you not see them?”


{ Scott } Bio

Scott is one of the What's Your Story? 2015/16 squad. Scott creates short stories and based on Mull.