StoryCon Workshops

StoryCon 2019

Members of StoryBoard 2019

We’re still reeling from the whirlwind that was StoryCon 2019! 90 teens from all over Scotland joined us for a Saturday packed with creativity in all guises – workshops, panels, creative sessions and, of course, lots of Pizza!

A big thank you to our current StoryBoard for all their hard work, and a shout out to our guests and each and every attendee – you all made it very special.


Each year, our StoryBoard tells us what workshops they’re most keen to bring to StoryCon and we get to work! Their unique ideas and inspirations have brought us everything from how to write all things criminal to song writing workshops, and even how to start your own YouTube channel about books!

Every workshop is delivered by a professional author, illustrator or performer who is excited to share with you the benefits of their skills and experience. You don’t need to bring any particular ideas or experiences with you, just your enthusiasm.

StoryCon has a real mixture of different event types too. So as well as workshops on favourites like writing for TV, how to plot a novel or improve your illustrations, we also have panels, ask an expert sessions and even free-making drop ins on things like zine making, comics and urban art. Who knows what’ll be at the next StoryCon?