StoryCon is our free, annual creative writing and illustration conference for young people, organised by the teens on our StoryBoard.

Who is StoryCon for?

StoryCon is for teens:

  • Aged 13-19
  • Based in Scotland
  • Who love writing, drawing or being creative

Why come to StoryCon?

  • It’s a one of a kind opportunity to meet like-minded people your age, to create together, and engage with the ideas, skills and topics that are on everybody’s minds.
  • There are workshops, panels and events with the kind of professional writers and illustrators you want to hear from.
  • You’ll have the chance to get together with your creative community and start making your mark on Scotland’s literary scene

“The huge number of young people who enjoy writing as much as I do is a huge help for me to feel I’m not alone in my love of literature. Also the extremely helpful advice the writers and illustrators gave to me, small techniques and tricks to help me really made a difference!

StoryCon will return in the summer of 2020. For more information about StoryCon please see our FAQ page or email