StoryCon 2018 FAQ


What is the point of StoryCon?

To give Scottish teenagers with an interest in creative writing and illustration a chance to meet each other, pick up new skills, and be inspired to create new stories now, and in the future!


How long will each day of StoryCon be?

You should arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am. The day will end at 5:00pm. There will be lots of breaks and lunch will be provided.


What is the deadline for booking my space at StoryCon?

We will close for bookings at noon on Thursday 8th June. You must have sent us your save your space online before that. Last year, we ran out of all 100 spaces on Saturday at StoryCon within just a few weeks of opening bookings, so we recommend booking on as soon as you decide you want to come and have arranged a way to get to StoryCon!


What are the workshops for this year’s StoryCon?

We will announce our workshops and workshop leaders as we get closer to StoryCon, but we can confirm that we will have  workshops on both days for Spoken Word, Writing for Film and TV, Comics, Zine-Making, Illustration, Plotting Your Novel, Research Methods, and Writing for Videogames. There will be slightly different workshops on each day, in addition to the core ones that are happening both days to allow loads of variation for you to experience.


When do I get to choose my workshops for StoryCon?

When you fill out and submit your form to Save a Space at StoryCon 2018, you will be put on the list to be posted the paper consent forms and the paper workshop booking forms. Then you will see which workshops are confirmed for the day of StoryCon you are attending and can select your top 3 workshops for the morning and the afternoon. We guarantee that you’ll see plenty of workshops you’ll be excited to attend no matter which day of StoryCon you’re coming to!


What is this ‘Ask an Expert’ option at the end of the day at StoryCon?

Brand new for 2018, this is in response to feedback from StoryCon attendees that you wanted a chance to speak individually with literature professionals such as editors, publishers, event organizers and professionals working in specialist fields and languages such as Gaelic. At lunchtime at StoryCon, we will have sign-ups for those of you interested in booking an appointment to speak with an expert (or two!) in the Free Session towards the end of the day.


I’m not 13 yet! Can I come to StoryCon?

Sorry, no! We need to be strict about keeping StoryCon for over 13s for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is making sure that teenagers are the ones getting the chance to come along, and that StoryCon itself is an environment full of teenagers who are free to be teenagers – working hard on things they care about, having discussions with professionals and each other about the topics that matter to them, and not feeling like they have to curb their ideas because of younger people being around.

The pace, atmosphere and general creative energy of StoryCon is also not for under 13s, it’s a very busy schedule with quite creatively demanding and engaging workshops, panels and ideas. Please just wait until you’re 13, and sign up then – because you’ll see exactly what we mean!

In the meantime, check out Scottish Book Trust’s Young Writers Opportunity Pages and the Time to Shine Youth Arts Events Hub for writing & illustration opportunities to suit your age and circumstances.


Do I need to have a story idea before I come to StoryCon?

Nope! StoryCon is about learning new skills, discovering new ideas and meeting other teens who love creative writing and illustration just like you. If you have ideas for stories you want to tell, that’s fabulous and you’ll be able to ask our workshop leaders specific questions about your ideas, but you don’t need to turn up to StoryCon with anything more than a willingness to have fun and discover new things. Ideas will come later; being in an inspiring environment and learning how to tell a story once you have an idea can come first!


Do I need to bring my own lunch to StoryCon?

You do not! Lunch is free at StoryCon. We provide a hot pizza lunch and huge piles of fresh fruit for our attendees. If you have any dietary requirements, you just need to let us know on the booking form when you book your place.

We can do gluten-free pizza and vegetarian pizza; and if you’re vegan or have another dietary requirement that means pizza is no good, we can order in some alternative lunch options (usually a very nice salad.)

And of course, if you would be more comfortable bringing your own lunch, we have refrigeration facilities and can keep it safe for you until lunch time.

(There is nowhere nearby to purchase lunch, and we all stay together for lunchtime activities, so please either let us know what your dietary needs are so we can give you suitable food, or bring your own lunch.)


Do I need to stay all day?

Yes, that is best. StoryCon is designed as a full-day experience, so please plan to be with us for the whole day. If there’s a medical or access reason that you can’t manage a full day of StoryCon, this opportunity might not be for you. If there is an issue with you staying all day for medical or access reasons, just let us know and we’ll get things sorted out with you so you can attend.


Will you tell me what workshops I am going to, before StoryCon?

Nope! You’ll find out on the day. But you’re guaranteed to get one of your top three choices for the morning and afternoon workshop sessions. All of our workshops are designed and delivered by creative professionals who can’t wait to work with you, so don’t worry! You’ll have a brilliant time, whatever workshops you go to.


What’s the Wolfson Centre like?

It’s a very cool building that belongs to The Princes Trust, with great views over Glasgow and some modern and spacious rooms for our workshops, break times, and big sessions together. It has elevator access to all floors, as well as stairs. It has unisex bathrooms. You can see it on Google Maps. (Zoom in to see where the entrance is on Carlton Court.)

We will spend the day in the Wolfson Centre, to keep us all together and to make sure our younger visitors to StoryCon are well looked-after.


I think I need some extra support to come to an event like StoryCon. Can you help me to take part?

StoryCon is for any and all teens in Scotland who want to learn more and have fun with creative writing and illustration. We do our best to make sure that you can attend, whatever your support needs might be. Please let us know what support you need, and we can advise you on which workshops may be more accessible to you, and how we can set aside space, resources and personal help from StoryCon’s staff to assist you in taking part as fully as you can.

You can let us know what support you need in the booking form, or if you wish to ask before you book, you can e-mail nicole.brandon [-at-]


I want to come both days! Can I come both days?

Yes of course! We designed StoryCon to be as accessible to young people throughout Scotland as possible. That’s why we are running very similar programmes on both days, because most of you could only come one day. But if you’re able to come on both days, you are very welcome to do so. Just select the 2-day option when booking. We will not assign you to the same workshop twice, so you should have a different experience on both days of StoryCon.


I really want to come but I cannot afford the travel costs. Can Scottish Book Trust pay for my travel costs?

We’re really sorry, but unfortunately that isn’t possible this year. Don’t give up, though! Ask teachers or other adults you know if they know where you could possibly get assistance in affording the travel to StoryCon. Youthlink Scotland have a list of funding organisations and Young Scot might be able to offer advice, too.

The Wolfson Centre is very close to Glasgow Central train station, and only about 15 minutes of slow walking from Glasgow George Square bus depot and Glasgow Queen St Station.


My parent or carer wants to come with me to StoryCon, can they come?

It depends. If you need somebody with you in order to access StoryCon, for instance, an interpreter or a guide, let us know and we will help to arrange that, no problems.

However, we’re not encouraging non-teenagers to come along with you otherwise. We will not have much space for extra people, and it’ll cramp your style! The heart of StoryCon is about teens meeting each other, discovering new stuff together, and getting to enjoy being a part of your teen literary community.

Don’t worry if you’re quite shy or you’re anxious about coming on your own, we will have a chill out space for shy folks who like a bit of quiet, as well as the louder spaces for people keen on a big chat. Many of last year’s attendees came on their own, and quickly found lots to talk about and enjoy with their fellow attendees. Everyone who comes to StoryCon loves stories and creating things, and it’s a really welcoming place to spend time, have new conversations and make new friends. (Or just be left in peace to focus on the workshops and your own ideas, if that’s your jam!)

If you’re being brought to StoryCon by somebody who’d like to stay nearby in case you need them, we’ll have a waiting area downstairs that’ll be open for an hour around start and finish times of StoryCon. Of course, they could walk over to Glasgow City Centre to have fun themselves, and they will still only be a few minutes away.

(If you are a carer, or have a young child yourself, and are a teen who wishes to attend StoryCon, get in touch with us about how we can help you to access StoryCon.)


I’m a teacher or librarian, can I bring a group of teens to StoryCon?

We’ll be delighted to see you if you’re delivering your group of keen teens to us, but as with the question above, we want our attendees to have time with just their peers unless there’s a medical or access reason not to do this. Get in touch about how we can help make this happen, and get ready to spend a fun day out in Glasgow while your group has a great day with us at StoryCon.


Who wrote these FAQs?

Scottish Book Trust’s Young Writers Programme Manager, Nicole, wrote the first version with help from the What’s Your Story? Rookies of 2016-17. Additional FAQs and final approval were given by the What’s Your Story? Rookies of 2017-18, who plan and host StoryCon 2018!


I have a question about StoryCon which you have not answered!

Then please get in touch! Send an e-mail to nicole.brandon[ -at- ] with your question, and we will email you a reply.