StoryCon 2017 Agenda & Workshops

What is StoryCon?

Scotland’s biggest, boldest creative writing and illustration conference for 13 – 19 year olds from all around the country. Designed by teenagers, for teenagers, and managed by the Scottish Book Trust.


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The Basics


Saturday 24 June & Sunday 25 June

10:30AM – 5:00PM

You can come one day, or both days, but you should come for the whole day.


StoryCon is a whole-day event, attendees must arrive by 10:30AM and stay with the group until 5:00PM


The Prince’s Trust’s Wolfson Centre, 15 Carlton Court, Glasgow, G5 9JP.

Find out more about the venue and check it out on Google Maps.


You must be living in Scotland and aged between 13 and 19 to attend StoryCon. For more information, check out our StoryCon FAQ.

How can I book?

StoryCon has now closed for external bookings. We’re delighted to say that both days of StoryCon booked up before our deadline on 8 June!


On The Day

Registration: 10:00AM – 10:30AM

Welcome from Scottish Book Trust & What’s Your Story teens

Keynote Speech

Morning Workshop


Afternoon Workshop

Panel: Ask a Writer

Next Steps for Teen Creators

Pick Up & Goodbyes: 5:00PM


The Workshops

We’re very happy to be offering a broad selection of writing & illustration workshops at StoryCon – chosen by teenagers, for teenagers. These workshops are delivered by professionals who want to give you the benefit of their skills and experience and help you to learn more about creative writing and illustration. You do not need ideas, or even experience, before you come to any of these workshops. You just need to be ready to learn and give creating something your best shot.


StoryCon Morning Workshops

(80 – 90 mins, 20 participants per workshop max)

These workshops are designed to give you hands-on experience of creating something. Workshop sizes are smaller, to allow more time to create with the help of a keen professional leader.


Spoken Word

You can use your voice to hook your audience, bring your work to life, and really say your story in your own words. In this relaxed and friendly workshop, you’ll learn different techniques for boosting your confidence, speaking with your own style, and engaging with a live audience.

This workshop is particularly great for poets and short story writers who want to take their words off the page and on the road. Don’t worry, you won’t be made to perform your own work in this session… unless you want to!


Zine Making

Ever wished there was a magazine about your favourite things? You can learn how to make it yourself at this workshop. Collaborate, create and express what’s important to you and your peers in a physical booklet. It’s like your Tumblr, in your hands.

This workshop is for anyone who is excited about taking total creative control and making something small but important. Be ready to use ideas, scissors and a lot of glue.


Writing for TV and Film

Somebody writes your favourite TV shows and films; why shouldn’t it be you? Writing for TV and film is nothing like the writing you may have done before – come learn what you need to put on a page to get your story up on a screen. You’ll also hear about the different kinds of teamwork you need to master to write for the screen… after all, the screenplay doesn’t turn itself into a film on its own!

This workshop is for writers with ideas that they think are for the screen, or who want to learn more about how TV and film are written.



…is not just “drawing things”! An illustrator’s craft is a truly special one, rooted in team-work and a deep understanding of the story which illustrations help to tell. Come to this workshop to learn how a professional illustrator works with the words of a writer to draw out the best form of visual art to tell a story. This is not a drawing workshop, it’s an illustration workshop – come join in and find out what the difference is first hand. Pens, paper and pencils will be supplied – along with inspiration so you can try your hand at illustrating a story in your own way!

You do not have to be a ‘good’ artist to enjoy this workshop, but you do need to be ready to have fun and make something on the day.


Blog Like A Pro

Whether you have your own blog, or you’re full of ideas for one, the internet can be an interesting place to have an opinion. How do you make yourself heard, and connect with those who are genuinely interested in what you have to say?

Learn how you can use a blog to engage yourself and your readers more fully with ideas, opinions and current affairs. Creating unique, high-quality and well-argued content that really expresses what you think is a challenge worth taking on – but it takes some skill and knowledge, which this workshop will help you find. Building a presence as a blogger online is within your reach, and this workshop can get you on your way.


Writing for the Stage

Humans have been writing for the stage for thousands of years (hello, Sophocles!), come to this workshop to find out why. Discover what makes good drama and how a playwright can make it happen in front of a live audience.

You’ll also learn more about what makes writing for the stage so special – the live audience! Theatre is where the audience and the story connect to create a genuinely unique experience – come find out how writers like you need to think, and create, to get words from page to stage.


StoryCon Afternoon Workshops

(50-60 mins, 30 participants per workshop max)

These workshops will help you to further develop your skills as creators of writing and illustration. Workshops sizes are a bit bigger, so expect to take notes and get deep into the nitty-gritty of how to do great things with your creative minds.


Write that Fight

From huge battle sequences to a family argument in the kitchen, moments of conflict are where characters prove themselves, story arcs reach crescendo, and the reader can’t possibly put the book down. Come to this workshop to learn how to craft clear, compelling and purposeful conflicts for any genre of story and discover what the core rules of writing a great fight are.


Creating Great Villains

You hear it all the time: a hero is only as good as their villain! But what does that mean for you as you create characters to populate your stories? Come to this workshop to learn how to design one of the most important characters in any tale – the antagonist. Nuanced, balanced and intriguing villainy awaits, but more importantly so does an explanation of how and why they’re the key to telling a great story.

This workshop is good for illustrators as well as writers, you’d be amazed by how many of the same rules apply!


Keeping The Plot

Ever write yourself into a corner? Lose track of where you need to go next? Write 100,000 beautiful words that go nowhere and actually don’t mean very much? This workshop will help you find your path. Learn the core elements of three-act-structure and discover how to map out the beats of your story and create a plot that will pull your reader into your imagined world alongside your characters.


Gaelic Workshop

For those working Gaelic language, this is a workshop designed to help you find your voice and express your story with the perfect words. Come enjoy this rare chance to learn from a professional Gaelic story writer.

This workshop is for writers working in Gaelic language at any level of proficiency.


Understanding Your Narrator : I vs You vs Them

What difference does writing in first, second or third person make to how you tell a story? How do you know which kind of narration to choose? Plenty of writers have asked this question, and now it is time to find some answers.

After all, would The Hunger Games have been so intense if it written was in the third person? If the books had been in second person, could you have dealt with seven novels actually standing in Harry Potter’s shoes? Elizabeth Bennett’s perspective during Pride and Prejudice might have been too frustrating to bear if we read her story in first person! Find out how your narrator’s voice connects to your story, and learn how to make and test your choice in this experimental and fun workshop.


If that sounds good to you, check out our StoryCon FAQ page and then head over to Book Your Place at StoryCon 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!