Our flagship StoryBoard programme ran for 5 years between 2015-20 offering over 40 young people from a variety of different backgrounds and working across genres a ‘crash course’ in being a writer and illustrator in Scotland today.

As well as working with a mentor and  heading off on a creative retreat together, they helped us create new opportunities for their fellow teens too, like our annual conference, StoryCon, and our online magazine, StoryMag.

The programme included:

  • A weekend residence at National Library Scotland: a get together and introductory weekend at National Library Scotland.
  • A professional mentor: we selected and matched young people up with a professional mentor based on their interests and chosen writing genre who worked with them one on one across 6 months.
  • A creative writing retreat: a 6 day residential retreat at Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Centre, near Inverness.
  • Planning and attending StoryCon: the opportunity to programme our flagship writing and illustration event for teens.
  • A showcase: an event celebrating their achievements on the programme
  • Ongoing support from Scottish Book Trust: support from our Young Writers Programme manager.

Check out the 2020 StoryBoard

All teens are welcomed and supported to be part of all our young writers’ programmes, if you have any extra support needs please get in contact to speak to us.

For more information or for any ideas of how we can develop the StoryBoard programme please email

“I would really encourage everyone to apply to the What’s Your Story? programme. The mentoring is amazing, Scottish Book Trust really think about what story you want to tell, and what you want to learn during the programme and then match you with someone perfect! I think it’s really important that young people’s voices are heard, and through organising StoryCon we had the chance to define exactly what we wanted to learn!”

The 2019 StoryBoard