Information for parents and carers

What’s Your Story? is a writer/illustrator development programme for 13-19 year olds in Scotland. It is free to access and is run by the Scottish Book Trust.

What’s Your Story? aims to help create opportunities for teenagers with an interest in learning practical skills and gaining experience as creative writers and illustrators. If a young person is interested in football, dance, acting or playing a musical instrument there are clear pathways for their own development. What’s Your Story? aims to begin creating the same kind of provision for Scotland’s teenage writers and illustrators.

Our aim is that teenagers across Scotland will understand creative writing/illustration to be relevant and valuable to them. We want them to have access to high quality support and peer-designed resources, as well as access to pathways to share their work and improve their practice.

What’s Your Story? was originally designed with input from teenagers with an interest in creative writing and illustration, and has been guided consistently by teenage advisors who have shaped the programme to date. We aim to continue this productive and crucial relationship with the programme’s target audience for as long as What’s Your Story? is running.

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