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The Discovery Issue

Welcome to Issue 1 of the What’s Your Story? Online Magazine!

We asked Scotland’s teenagers for their creative work on the theme of ‘Discovery’ and we certainly wound up with plenty to explore. Chosen from the brilliant spread of submissions from around Scotland, Issue 1 features works of discovery exploring war and conflict, romance (both lost and found), honest and surprising moments of self-discovery, well-known stories re-discovered in a new light, and even a serendipitous discovery within a kitchen fridge.

This was our first issue open to every member of the What’s Your Story? community to contribute to, and it was also the first issue put together by our very first Editorial Board. Our Editorial Board wanted to thank everybody who sent a piece of work in for consideration and feedback, and to let Issue 1’s readers know that the work included here really is a brilliant showcase of the enthusiasm, talent and adventurousness of Scotland’s teen writers and illustrators. Very appropriately for Issue 1’s theme, we’ve discovered not just great stories, but great story creators, and now it’s time for you readers to discover them too!

The Discovery Issue

The Seeker

Alexis Pratt

The Discovery

Georgia McLellan


Angelina Conte


Calum Silcock

Strength In The Storm

Jennifer Loudon

Owl Eyes

Ushika Kidd


S E McQuillan