What’s this about?

‘What’s Your Story?’ is Scottish Book Trust’s  development programme for teenage writers & illustrators in Scotland.

How often are you asked what your story is?

What are your imagined worlds and real-life stories? If you could tell any story, in any way, what would it be? Why does it matter? And why should creative writing and illustration matter to you?

Building on the advice and ambitions of teenagers, What’s Your Story? aims to increase and enhance creative writing and illustration opportunities for young people in Scotland.

What’s Your Story could not operate without the partnership, support and funding of organisations around Scotland. Find out more about our supporters.

What’s Your Story? has three main opportunities for teenagers with an interest in creative writing and illustration.

Our Magazine

Our online Magazine offers 13-19 years old writers and illustrators a chance to submit work to our magazine, which will be published online three times per year. All work accepted for consideration for the magazine will be read by a professional editorial board who will provide constructive feedback on the piece.

Submitting isn’t just a chance to show off your creative work or gain an ‘early’ publication credit, it gives you the opportunity to develop your work in response to feedback from your peers in the creative community. This will help you grow as a creative writer or illustrator outside of an academic context.

And of course, being part of What’s Your Story? is a chance to inspire, entertain and bring together everyone who reads the Magazine.

Submission to What’s Your Story? is open young people throughout Scotland aged 13-19. You just need to make an account with us to get started.


The flagship social event of What’s Your Story? is our free annual conference bringing together hundreds of teens for a chance to meet each other, create together, and engage with the ideas, skills and topics that are on everybody’s minds. We seek out the creative professionals you want to learn from, working in the forms you want to understand, and put together a weekend packed with workshops, panels, plenaries and pizza.

StoryCon isn’t just about the chance to learn from professionals, it’s about a chance to come together as a community and start making your mark on Scotland’s literary scene.

The What’s Your Story? programme team

What’s Your Story?, StoryCon and our online Magazine is shaped and developed by our team of teenage creative writers and illustrators.

Our advisers knew what you wanted and didn’t want, what you could access and what you didn’t have time for, and who knew how to explain the range of forms and ideas that a teenage literary scene in Scotland should encompass.

Each of them received in-depth mentoring for 7 months during their time advising us on What’s Your Story? This not only helped them in their personal creative development, but helped them to understand the challenges and opportunities in Scotland’s literary scene so that they could help us to create more new opportunities for young people.

In 2017, we have recruited a brand new squad of 14-17 year old teenagers who will pioneer a new Teens in Residence project with National Library of Scotland, and help lift the profile of teenage creative writing & illustration even further with a Showcase in partnership with Neu!Reekie. They’ll also help us expand on last year’s success with StoryCon 2017, receive professional mentoring and support in their own creative work, and get the chance to further explore and influence Scotland’s literary culture. Click here to learn more about them.