What’s This About?

Led by teens, for teens, What’s Your Story? is a Scotland-wide programme of support for teenage writers & illustrators.

How often are you asked what your story is? If you could tell any story, in any way, what would it be? Why does it matter? And why should creative writing and illustration matter to you? If you’ve got answers – or you want them – WYS? is for you.

We’re here to put you in touch with professional support, opportunities and events. Everything we do is built on the advice and ambitions of teens!

There are three main things What’s Your Story? does:

StoryBoard: a development programme that’s a year long ‘crash course’ in living and working as a writer and illustrator in Scotland for 7 young people.

StoryCon: Scotland’s top teen creative writing and illustration event, planned by the teens who’re part of our StoryBoard.

StoryMag: an online magazine for 13–19-year-old writers and illustrators from around Scotland.