Storycon 2016

StoryCon is a new free conference for teenage writers, illustrators and creators in Scotland.

StoryCon 2016 has sold out, but if you’ve secured your tickets here’s the information you need for the day!

Where: The Prince’s Trust: Wolfson Centre, Central Glasgow, G5 9JP View on map
When: Saturday 11 June & Sunday 12 June 2016. Register between 10.00am and 10.30am, finish by 5:00pm

StoryCon has been created by teen creators, for teen creators, and is brought to you by Scottish Book Trust, Time to Shine, The Gaelic Books Council, and creative professionals from around Scotland and the UK.

StoryCon Schedule

Everyone will arrive between 10:00am and 10:30am to register for the day.

StoryCon will open with a guest delivering a keynote speech at 10:45, then move on to a series of morning workshops focused on learning a new technical skill.

Lunch will be from 1:00pm to 2:00pm, and is provided by StoryCon.

Then there will be two back-to-back sets of workshops at 2:00pm and 3:00pm. Most of these workshops will repeat themselves, so you are very likely to get your first and second choice for the workshops in the afternoon. You won’t be scheduled for the same thing twice.

Then we will gather together at 4:00pm to showcase new ways you can continue building on the connections we’ve made at StoryCon when you return home.

StoryCon will finish at 5:00pm on each day.

Please note: The plan is for these options to go ahead as outlined below. However, StoryCon workshops and panels listed below are subject to change. If you’ve been booked on to something which must be changed you’ll be told ASAP!

StoryCon Morning Workshops

There will be a limit of 20 attendees at each workshop, so you may get your 2nd or 3rd choice. But that’s hopefully not too disappointing when you see the range of workshops.

Spoken Word

You can use your voice to hook your audience, bring your work to life, and really say your story in your own words. You’ll learn different techniques for boosting your confidence, speaking with your own style, and engaging with a live audience.

This workshop is particularly great for poets and short story writers who want to take their words off the page and on the road. Don’t worry, you won’t be made to perform your own work in this session… unless you want to!

Zine Making

Ever wished there was a magazine about your favourite things? You can learn how to make it yourself at this workshop. Collaborate, create and express what’s important to you and your peers in a physical booklet. It’s like your Tumblr, in your hands.

This workshop is for anyone who is excited about taking total creative control and making something small but important. Be ready to use ideas, scissors and a lot of glue.

Writing for TV and Film

Somebody writes your favourite TV shows and films; why shouldn’t it be you? Writing for TV and film is nothing like the writing you may have done before – come learn what you need to put on a page to get your story up on a screen. You’ll also hear about the different kinds of teamwork you need to master to write for the screen… after all, the screenplay doesn’t turn itself into a film on its own!

This workshop is for writers with ideas that they think are for the screen, or who want to learn more about how TV and film are written.

YouTubing & Vlogging

How does being creative connect to being on YouTube? There’s a lot more to it than switching on your camera and saying whatever pops in to your head. Come explore the creative possibilities of online video, find out what’s already out there, learn what goes in to making a video (including what it’s like in front of the camera!), and workshop a new idea you’d like to see on YouTube.

This workshop is for people who are excited by vlogging and want to discover what goes on behind the scenes and how they might one day contribute as a creative writer, storyteller or illustrator.

Making Comics

Comics are for everyone! Whether you’ve never tried to make one in your life, or you’re sure this is where you belong, come explore making comics in this workshop. You’ll work together to create your own comic, and discover top techniques for turning your ideas into brilliant comics for years to come.

You don’t need to be an illustrator to get started making comics, you just need to have a great idea and love comics. This is a workshop for anyone and everyone keen to learn how to make their own comics as a team and on your own.


A podcast is just an audio file that can be downloaded and listened to anywhere. Making one is relatively simple, listening to one is even easier. So why is podcasting suddenly hitting headlines and being embraced by teens around the world? Come find out, and learn how and why to turn your own ideas, stories and passions into podcasts.

This workshop is for anyone who is curious about this low-tech creative format and the huge creative possibilities it opens up.

StoryCon Afternoon Workshops & Panels

Many of these will repeat twice in one day, so that there is more chance that you can attend your first choice.

Creating Imaginary Creatures

One of the best things about creative storytelling is being inventive, and what better way to do this than create your own imaginary creatures! Illustrators and writers will discover some tools and tips for crafting creatures that show off your creative flair and capture the imagination of your readers.

This session is for writers and illustrators who want to talk with a professional creator about how to create unique characters and creatures for their stories; and learn how to tap deeply into their imaginations.

Writing Great Relationships

We aren’t just talking about romance! Family, love and friendship can take many forms and are often at the heart of storytelling. The possibilities are as varied as people are, and the changes they go through often make or break a story. Come and stretch your writing muscles as you discover how to write relationships that can transform your characters and their world.

This workshop is for writers who want to delve deep into these questions: Why do your characters do what they do? How do you make your readers care?

How To Survive As A Writer

Spoiler alert: being a writer is tough! But that’s no reason to give up. Come hear from a professional author who has been writing since she was your age and wants to make sure you know what it’s really like to be a writer. Myths will be busted. Truths will be told. Hope will be kindled.

This workshop is for writers who want some real talk.  Whether you plan to write as a hobby or as your career, this is for you.

Gaelic Prose

For those working in Gaelic language, this is a workshop designed to help you find your voice and express your story with the perfect words. Come enjoy this rare chance to learn from a professional Gaelic story writer.

This workshop is for writers working in Gaelic language at any level of proficiency.

Gaelic Poetry

For poets working in Gaelic language, this workshop is about developing your style, discovering what’s out there, and where the opportunities for Gaelic poetry exist in Scotland and around the world.

This workshop is for writers working in Gaelic language at any level of proficiency.

Representation Matters: Think Before You Write

Writers always put thought into their work, but if you’re writing about issues, communities and real-life scenarios that aren’t your own experience… what else do you need to think about?  Do you have a responsibility to get it right? What does getting it right look like and why should you care?

This panel will be a conversation between professional writers who have something to say on this topic and you, the audience. Come along, and bring questions and open minds.

Fanfiction: Why Celebrate It?

Fanfiction has been around for centuries, and now it’s more popular than ever. It’s also finally being acknowledged as a potential route to mainstream publication. So why is there so much drama and tension around it? What benefits does it have for you as a writer, today?

This panel will be a friendly and open space to discuss and celebrate fanfiction in all its forms. Whether you write it yourself, love to read it, or want to find out what it’s all about – join us for this panel discussion.

Written by:
Nicole Brandon

Nicole Brandon Bio

Nicole is Scottish Book Trust's Young Writers Co-ordinator and manages the What's Your Story programme. She helps everyone come together and work as a team, and makes sure your creative work is well looked after. Nicole has a masters degree in Creative Writing and in her spare time can be found writing screenplays and developing her parkour skills (but not at the same time!)