Squad 2015/2016

Year 1 StoryBoard

Squad 2015/16

The first What’s Your Story? participants have been involved in shaping and developing the What’s Your Story? programme, including the Magazine and StoryCon.

Photo of Anni


Age: 17
Location: Edinburgh

Speciality: Poetry

Photo of Caitlyn


Age: 17
Location: Milton in West Dunbartonshire

Speciality: Graphic Novel Writing & Illustration

Photo of Erin


Age: 17
Location: Newport-on-Tay in Fife

Speciality: Poetry

Photo of Finn


Age: 15
Location: Nairn in Highlands

Speciality: Novel Writing

Photo of Katie


Age: 15
Location: Tayvallich in Argyll

Speciality: Novel and Short Story Writing

Photo of Leonie


Age: 16
Location: Gordon in Scottish Borders

Speciality: Screenwriting

Photo of Mikaela


Age: 16
Location: Edinburgh

Specialty: Gaelic Poetry

Photo of Ribh


Age: 14
Location: Cove Bay in Aberdeenshire

Speciality: Travelogue and Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Photo of Sarah


Age: 14
Location: Nairn in Highlands

Speciality: Life Stories and Creative Non-Fiction Writing

Photo of Scott


Age: 15
Location: Tobermory on Mull

Speciality: Short Story Writing

Mentors 2015/16

The What’s Your Story? mentors have provided in-depth creative support to the ten members of the squad. Our mentors are creative professionals from a range of disciplines, including writing, poetry and illustration.

Photo of Adrian Mead

Adrian Mead

Screenwriter & Director

Photo of Alex Nye

Alex Nye

YA Novelist

Photo of Catherine Simpson

Catherine Simpson

Novelist & Short Story Writer

Photo of Catriona Lexy Campbell

Catriona Lexy Campbell

Playwright, Novelist, & Poet (Gaelic)

Photo of Edward Ross

Edward Ross

Graphic Novelist

Photo of Gerry Cambridge

Gerry Cambridge

Poet & Editor

Written by:
Sarah Barrie

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